Why Choose Our Services?

Global Distribution specializes in the manufacturing of innovative, next-generation LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality & efficiency, and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption. Global’s goal is to serve the growing need for energy-efficient, sustainable lighting and intelligent control solutions.

Property owners have been excited about the development of LED lighting because they are now able to utilize the new technology to significantly lower their energy costs, cut down on replacement bulb costs, and reduce the presence of hazardous gasses (such as mercury) in their respective environments. Energy conscious businesses are quickly turning on to the benefits of LED retrofit.  Retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures harnesses the key properties that make LEDs unique – low energy cost, low maintenance, superior performance, and energy efficiency.

Global is experienced in all phases of design, estimation and construction to design and deliver efficient electrical systems to new state-of-the-art commercial buildings. Our company works seamlessly with engineers, architects and construction officials to translate your design concept into an operational reality.

Global Distribution focuses on delivering our customers premium LED products at unparalleled prices.  With warehouses located across the country (California, Colorado, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and Maryland), we will work closely with each client to provide materials on-time and within budget parameters.

The purpose of a lighting energy audit is to identify operational practices that can reduce energy usage.  Global will arrange an on-site visit with one of their energy representatives that will seek to gain an understanding of facility use, and current levels of satisfaction with lighting as well as opportunities for improvement.   We will use the information obtained to make recommendations to enhance and reduce energy, as well as improve the overall quality of the lighting system.

A photometric analysis is only one step in the design process, of course, but it is a much needed foundational step that eliminates the guesswork from the complex blend of technology and aesthetics that defines our industry. We use a specialized software program designed for the calculation of lighting levels and the rendering of electric lighting systems.  The capabilities of this photometric analysis software are incredible, and can be used to determine the best possible lighting levels for any residential or commercial lighting environment.  The software creates a 3-D model of the room, home, or building, then allows us to input hypothetical figures to determine where best to install low voltage recessed lighting fixtures and what angles of lighting incidence to incorporate in the overall design of the system.